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My name is Maggie, aka Mrs Nutritionist, I have a passion for everything to do with nutrition, wellness, and exercise. I am so excited that I get to share my love of health, and help others through Mrs and Mrs Nutritionist.

Foods to Reduce Stress

Worst Foods for Stress

Dangers of Stress Stress, an evolutionary necessity to keep us safe when trying to outrun a lion, or to fight off a bear, has lost it’s evolutionary advantage in the modern world.  With so many different types of stressors in…
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6 Tips on How to Prevent Computer Eye Strain

How to Prevent Computer Eye Strain

Most busy professionals are required to use a computer everyday as part of their job descriptions.  However, day in and day out of staring at computer screen can cause serious and sometimes long lasting damage to your vision.  If you…
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Review of Blue Apron Meals

Review of Blue Apron Meals

$20 Off Your First Blue Apron Order Have you ever considered trying Blue Apron?  Read about our experience and review of Blue Apron meals to see if Blue Apron is right for you. Signing up The sign up was easy,…
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Best Foods to Eat to Get Rid of Belly Fat

what to eat to get rid of belly fat

Belly fat, the dreaded fat around the abdomen that is so lovingly referred to as a “spare tire” and “muffin top”.  Although belly fat’s nick names may be cute, belly fat is not, and many people struggle throughout their lives with belly fat…
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