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What is The Difference Between Glycemic Load and Index?

What is The Difference Between Glycemic Load and Index?

Glycemic Load and Glucose Control Glycemic load and glycemic index are two buzz phrases that you may have heard in magazines, diet columns and TV shows. These terms may sound technical and rather confusing to understand, however, it is rather simple. So…
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Why Should You Stay Hydrated?

Why should you stay hydrated

Water is vital for life, it is needed for crops, animals and humans. It is the reason why NASA is trying so hard to find evidence of water on Mars because no water = no life. But not all water is…
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Is There Such A Thing As Good Cholesterol?


Is There Such A Thing As Good Cholesterol? To answer this question we need to clarify what is cholesterol. Cholesterol is not a bad thing, it is vital for the production of vitamin D and hormones such as testosterone, cortisol…
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Cereal Bar Nutrition- Everything You Need to Know

Cereal Bar Nutrition

All About Cereal Bars Pretty much everyone has grabbed a cereal bar at one time or another, for a meal replacement or on the go snack but are all cereal bars actually good for you? Cereal bar nutrition can get very complicated as…
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Foods That Hinder Iron Absorption

Structure of heme

Are you always tired, and do you feel like you barely make it through the work day without falling asleep at your computer?  If that is the case you may be deficient in iron. Keep reading to find out how…
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Fish containing omega 3 fatty acid


Omega 3 has been in the spotlight many years for its importance in maintaining a healthy well being. The question is why are we constantly being told of the importance of omega 3 and the importance of eating fish containing…
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High Mercury in Seafood

Mercury in the food chain

There have been a lot of statements out there about the high mercury in seafood, but do all seafood contain mercury, and if so, will it harm us? The ocean is and always has been a source of food. Some scientists…
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Healthy recipes coming soon.

We will look to try to provide some healthy alternatives to some popular food items that can be produced in a quick and timely manner. Watch this space.

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