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Review of BPA Free Water Bottles

Review of BPA Free Water Bottles

In a follow up to a previous post “Why Is BPA Dangerous To Health“, this post is going to be a review of BPA free water bottles that are currently on the market.  These are bottles that we at Mr and Mrs Nutritionist feel are of good quality, made to a high standard, and most importantly are not going to negatively impact your health.

A term that you will read in this post is “EA” which stands for “estrogenic activity”.  Many plastics, even ones that are BPA/BPA alternative free, still test positive for estrogenic activity.  Estrogenic activity can be dangerous because it can disrupt your endocrine system which is responsible for your hormones.  There are not many products on the market that currently are free of BPA/BPA alternatives and are EA free.  Of the products that we review we will let you know which bottles are EA free.

We hope this post will be helpful for you and decrease the amount of research that you would have had to do in order to find a safe alternative to plastic water bottles.  We will be giving you the pros and cons of each bottle, as well as our personal review on each product.  For your convenience we have supplied links where you can buy these products from Amazon for a reasonable price.


Pura Sport Stainless Steel Bottles

Review of Pura bottle

28oz bottle

Price: $20-28, depending on the size of the bottle.

Pros: This is a really great sports bottle because it is 100% free of any plastics.  The body of the bottle is stainless steel with a silcone sleeve for grip and a finger loop for carrying.  The mouthpiece is medical grade silicone which is “EA free” as well as free of phthalates and nitrosamines.  These bottle are aesthetically appealing and come in 18oz and 28oz bottles.  They also have a 22oz bottle that is vacuum insulated which keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours with ice. The bottle comes in a nice assortment of colors including green, blue, red, and navy.  You can buy different mouthpieces separately including nipples, spouts, straws, and flat lids if you do not like their standard mouth piece.  These bottles are fairly light, with the heaviest bottle weighing in at 12oz, so slightly less then a pound with no liquid inside.

Cons: Pura bottles are made in China.  However, the company does state they employ their own on-site inspections in China to ensure all products meet USA standards as well as the company’s own strict standards.  These bottles are not however designed for hot liquids.  The company states the bottles and caps are not dishwasher safe.  Some people may find that the stainless steel can make liquids taste slightly metalic.

Mr and Mrs Nutritionist Review:  We really love that the Pura bottles are plastic free, so there is no worrying about all the issues related to plastics.  Stainless steel holds up well and is extremely durable, and the overall bottle is a sleek design and would not look out of place in an office or professional setting.  As long as you don’t mind hand washing this bottle, we give Pura bottles two thumbs up!


LifeFactory Glass Bottles

Review of Lifefactory glass bottle

22oz bottle with a straw cap

Price: $13-24, depending on the size of the bottle.

Pro: Pura bottles are made of glass with a silicone mesh sleeve for grip.  These bottles come in a variety of  colors and sizes including 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 22oz bottles.  This bottle is made and assembled within the USA.  There different choices of caps, with the straw cap being the easiest and least messy to use.  There is a comfortable loop on the cap to carry around the bottle.  This bottle is also dishwasher safe.  As far as glass bottles are concerned Pura bottles are very durable due to the thick silicone mesh and would easily be able to hold up in the gym.

Cons: This bottle is not free of plastics and has a plastic lid which Lifefactory states to be BPA/ BPA alternative free, but does not state to be EA free.  Their heaviest bottle weighs in at 1.2 pounds for the bottle alone excluding liquids.  The flip cap and classic cap are not very comfortable to drink from and are prone to leaving you with a wet shirt.  These bottles may not be as sleek as some other bottles, and may fit better in a gym rather than in an office.

Mr and Mrs Nutritionist: If you don’t mind having a plastic mouthpiece then this is a good bottle.  If you go with this bottle stick with the straw cap, the other two make it difficult to have a drink without spilling water down yourself which isn’t exactly ideal when you are at work! For a glass bottle it is very durable and you could easily bring it to the gym.  These Lifefactory bottles are very versatile and are a much better alternative to plastic bottles!


Bkr Glass Bottles

Review of Bkr bottles

32oz bottle

Price: $28-45, depending on the size of the bottle.

Pros: These bottles are very chic and would seamlessly fit into a workplace setting.  These are definitely the trendiest of the three bottle in this review, and they come in a variety of colors and designs.  They also come in 8oz (Teeny), 16oz (Little), and 32oz (Big) sized bottles depending on what suits your lifestyle best.  They are also dishwasher safe.  The bottle itself is made of plastic and has a silicone sleeve covering the bottle and a silicone cap which twists off.  There are also replacement caps and glass bottles available.  There is also a finger loop on the cap to comfortably carry your bottle.

Cons: These bottles are not as durable as the other bottles reviewed and will have to be treated with a little more care.  Because the only cap available has to be twisted off completely to get a drink, it may be slightly more cumbersome if you are at the gym or doing a workout.  The biggest bottle, the 32oz, can be heavier then expected and weighs about 1.5 pounds with no liquid inside, and will not fit into normal sized cup holders.

Mr and Mrs Nutritionist Review: If you are looking for a trendy yet healthy bottle for your professional life, this is the bottle for you.  We love that it is made of glass and silicone and does not contain plastic.  The downside is you have to be more careful with this bottle and there is no sports top to use when working out.  Overall this Bkr bottle is a really snazzy and professional looking bottle for the office.


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