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Maggie (aka Mrs Nutritionist), is a nutritionist with a BSc. in Human Nutrition from the University of Westminster.  She also holds a Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is also a CISSN from the International Society of Sports Nutrition.  Maggie was born and raised in the New England area and she enjoys many activities such as swimming, lifting weights, and travelling.  Mr and Mrs nutritionist


Kyle (aka Mr Nutritionist), also holds a BSc. in Human Nutrition from the University of Westminster. Before attending university, he attended Westminster Kingsways culinary school where he did three years education in classical French cuisine. Between schools, Kyle went on to work as a chef in the industry around London. However, it was his love of science that attracted him back to further education.


We met at the University of Westminster in London while studying for our BSc. degrees, and shared virtually all the same classes.  Friendship quickly blossomed into more and we got engaged in December of 2014 during our final year of college.  After graduating in 2015 we both migrated back to New England and shortly after got married in November of 2015.  After the wedding we decided to travel a little further west and set up our new life on the West Coast where we will immerse ourselves in the health centric lifestyle of Southern California.


We compliment each other well both personally and professionally.  Kyle is the cooking aficionado due to his successful background as a chef, and can virtually cooking anything, as well as turn any unhealthy foods into a delicious healthy alternative.  Maggie however is not as blessed in the kitchen with her cooking skills although does help and tries her best!  Kyle enjoys nutrition at the complex molecular level and enjoys knowing how nutrients interact in the body. He also enjoys the laboratory environment, where he thrives similarly to how he excels in the kitchen. Whereas Maggie enjoys taking those hard to understand complex nutrition facts and communicating these facts and nutrition recommendations to the public via various modes of communication such as written works, public speaking, and one to one learning.  


The aim of our blog is to help take those complex nutrition facts and break them down into easily digestible pieces and communicate them to the public to promote nutrition. We will be basing our recommendations based on published scientific works and own scientific knowledge. We will try to promote an unbiased viewpoint so that any recommendations made are not due to any outside influence other than pure hard scientific fact.  


  1. Carolyn

    Hi Maggie I know your cousin Natasha. I had a question wanted to ask. Have you ever worked with seed nutrition?

    1. Maggie (Post author)

      Hi Carolyn, I have not actually worked with seed nutrition. If you wanted to expand on it slightly or what you would like to know about it we could try and incorporate it into a future post.




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